Why Oman ?

The Sultanate of Oman is distinguished by many factors that guarantee for the Sultanate the real estate, touristic and investment commercial prosperity, mainly the free laws related to the real estate possession and investment. In fact, Oman is the sole Country among the Gulf Cooperation Countries which allows the total ownership in official contracts for both citizens and foreigners, and not only in lease contracts. The prosperity is also guaranteed by many common factors between all the Gulf Countries, such as the revived economy and the big projects for developing the infrastructure like the main roads, ports, airports, industrial real estates, anchorages of reparation of ships and more.

Moreover, the strategic and distinguished location of the Sultanate, at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf, makes it a vital region with distinction, especially with the stable political situation and the distinguished international relationships. All this is supported by a long history of commercial relationships and international navigation, since it is a connection point between the oldest two continents in the world.

Although the touristic industry in Oman is still in its first phases; the possibilities of development in investment are large and guaranteed in view of the big projects that broke out in the last years, such as hotels, private places of residence, touristic resorts, restaurants, commercial outlets, entertainment utilities and the like. Moreover, the Sultanate has a coastal line extending 1700 kilometers, from the fascinating shore and the amazing mountainous and desert views which join between many climatic conditions that suit all tastes, in addition to the streams, waterfalls and caves in many regions. This makes the Sultanate the ideal destination for tourism.