Investment Opportunities

Al Mazunah project offers a wide range of investment opportunities that start with launching the work in the project, develop with the progress of the work therein and increase with every accomplished utility and every run service. These investment opportunities are divided into many sectors that reside in the following : Firstly, the commercial sector which includes storing and trading in goods, cars, spare parts, vegetables, fruits, livestock, meat and the different machines and equipment. Secondly, the different industries in addition to the light industrial sector including factories , foodstuff, vegetables, fruits, plastic materials, clothes, wooden industries and maintenance workshops for all kind of machines and equipment. Thirdly, the assistant services sector, including the transport, distribution and clearing services, restaurants, handling services and commercial correspondences services, including the translation offices, printing, fax, internet and else. The population of Yemen is about 28 million, the total purchasing power reaches 55.400 billion dollars and the gross domestic product amounts to 26.909 billion dollars. In 2006, the value of the Yemeni agricultural exports to the foreign markets reached 9 billion riyals. During the third quarter of the current year, Yemen exported 27 thousand and 186 tons of fish and seafood, at more than 64 million dollars, to 44 countries, where about 9 thousand and 810 tons, at 33 million dollars, were exported through land outlets. The preliminary statistics issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry showed that the volume of the goods exported during the year reached about trillion and 447 billion riyals. As to the volume of the commercial exchange between Yemen and the world countries in 2008 reached trillion and 718 billion riyals.